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April 2 @ SNeaky Dee's - A-Minor Presents

Springtime is amongst us and the shows are back in full swing. The government announced a tax rebate on venues, and the toughest time in Toronto is picking a show to go; out of the large amount of talent that seasons every show.

On April 2 we went out to A-Minor's event held at Sneaky Dee's. It was an early event which meant load-in was at 4:30 pm. It's always a joy to go to Sneaky Dee's the staff and crowd always make it a memorable experience. 

The lineup for the evening included 4 different local bands, it ranged from all spectrums of rock. The lineup included 13 Fridays who recently had a new release called "Wake Up", Black Budget, Left On the Dial and Live Animals. All great acts, and it was exciting to also hear new tracks from Black Budget as they were on a 1-month hiatus to working on new material. They once again proved to be High energy machines of Desert Punk.

The whole night was put together to celebrate the headliner's new release called "Into The Wild". Fans packed the venue, as Live Animals slayed the room creating mosh pits and havoc. The end song was a cover of "Killing In the Name of by Rage Against The Machine. They absolutely killed it. 

Had an amazing night, and we would like to thank A-Minor, the bands and the fantastic staff at Sneaky Dee's for helping make a memorable night. Looking forward to our next adventure, where ever it may lead us. This is what we live for and this is why we do this. 


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