Sneaky Dee's - Toronto

A-Minor November 6, 2021

Black Budget, American Airline Sushi, Soulish

Last Saturday was off the hook, the first time being back at the legendary Sneaky Dee's venue with loud busy and a full house of cheering, screaming fans, body surfing, and sing along. No more sitting down, back to business.

The night started off with a Blitzcreg style pounding from our Black Budget; the energy continued and was picked up by Windsor band, American Airport Sushi, then we were sent off eutrophic and groove send away with another incredible talent band called Soulish. 

As a photographer, this was an extremely exciting night to photography, all bands had extreme talent, passion and true love for what they do and this was expelled on stage.

It's finally feeling like the world is coming back! Special Thanks to A-Minor for the incredible night, and Sneaky Dee's for being their awesome self.