Critical Zero Night ● Toronto

The ARCADE DIY ● Black Budget Release PARTY

SEPT 23, 2022

CALVIN MOON ft DJ angelphroot  ●  Wednesday Bender  ● Sunlust   ● Black BUdget 

It's been a while since we made a review. A bit of hiatus for the Critical Zero Team because of a busy summer in our other professional journeys. This of course can't be a review since it's our show but it's to reminisce on what an amazing night. Honestly, we are overjoyed with the entire turnout for Black Budget's release party. 

A little background on Critical Zero. When Pedro and I left Seneca College after graduating independent music production course, our goal was to help build a supportive scene, within the indie rock, and punk community. Many of the ideals from the electronic music scene and punk scene were combined to create Critical Zero. 

Peace, Love, Unity and Respect from the electronic music scene, and the drive and ambition in punk to help make the world a better place, and treat everyone equally. Above all, it's all about the music and we believe these core values make an incredible scene, whereas the commercial market tends to only favour fast fame and trends. This is the underground where music begins

We feel like that night we made the world a better place thanks to the amazing team we have, who share the same values. Punk Rock Mailman and angelphroot thank you from the bottom of your hearts for your work on the team. We believe it's the combination of our ideas and workflow that deemed this event a great success. We were able to execute a plan to bring the community together once again to create a memorable experience.

The musicians were phenomenal, the house was shaking and as usual, The Arcade DIY went above and beyond for the safety of their guests. Finally creating a safe place to dress up, mosh and have a blast.

THANK YOU AGAIN to MG for the sick video clips! 

Big shout out to Estella for lending her DJ gear, our volunteers at the doors Q and Polina.

Also these amazing faces for creating a great vibe; Erika, Jack Doris, Emmi, Joe Hat, Ossman, Megan, Kyla + Kazik, Jen and Dexter the dog. Best Vibe duty team ever <3 

Time for shameless plugs: 

If you haven't had a chance to hear Black Budget new EP. LISTEN NOW! It was their release show! Check out the rest of the artists too! Sunlust, Wednesday Bender and Calvin Moon! Whether you were there that night, or you want to know what we are all about. Listen now! See you in a few months. 

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