Zip-Tie Handcuffs - Wild

Everything we enjoy in a Death Lens song

With over a decade of releases, including being nominated for Live Artist of the Year and winning Punk/Hardcore Artist of the Year in Boston, Zip-Tie Handcuffs released their latest single "Wild" on streaming services on May 10th. This single, which came out on Brooklyn based King Pizza Records, features everything we love in a tune: a crunchy bass line, fast-paced drums, and reverby vocals. “Wild” has incredible dynamics, with parts where the song drops to just the bass, drums, and vocals, then picks up as explosive guitars come in, bringing you back into the action.

The production of this song is top-notch. The mix is very clear, has lots of breathing room, and incredible dynamics—every instrument has a clear place in the mix, and nothing overpowers the others. The performance is also a huge highlight, with the bass and drums driving the song with massive power while letting the other instruments and vocals shine. Their 7th album, titled “Moss,” is set to be released on May 31st, and we cannot wait to hear more.

Give this song a listen now and add it to your favorite playlist!