10. 31. 2023 [TORONTO]


We didn't expect to attend a show this Halloween. In fact, we had both decided to enjoy the holiday by spending time with friends instead of working. Pedro discovered at the last minute that Hot Garbage was playing a PWYC (Pay What You Can) show,  despite having dinner plans with our friends. We knew our friends would love the show, as Critical Zero had previously featured this epic Toronto band. We were thrilled to finally see them perform live and to explore a venue we hadn't visited before on the West Side of Toronto, located on College Street.

After having an affordable meal at El Furniture, which included the famous double shot Pink Warehouse always on special, we headed to the show. This place is ideal if you're from the area and on a budget; they play nostalgic music, offer $6.99 dinner specials, have large tables for groups, and friendly staff.

After dinner, we made our way to the show, taking a quick subway and bus trip. As we entered the venue, it was packed with people all the way to the door. Throughout the night, I barely saw anyone dressed up for Halloween in downtown Toronto, perhaps because they were all at the show - it was an exciting atmosphere!

We met some captivating people who were friends of the band as well as fans or simply there to dance. Some were standing on the benches just to get a better view of the band at the front of the stage in skeletons suits, who were facing away from the large window that allowed onlookers to peer in.

Vibrant scarlet lights shone amidst billowing smoke that filled the room, creating an alluring atmosphere. The décor was highlighted by a colossal light fixture positioned above the bar, enhancing the venue's overall appeal. The sultry ambiance of this place was nothing short of perfection and the type of energy you would want to feel in a room on Halloween.

We were thrilled that we didn't miss our favourite song by Hot Garbage called 'Rinsed.' This band is incredible to see live; they exude a post-punk psychedelic vibe that reverberated throughout the room, getting the crowd dancing and swaying. It's a four-piece band consisting of Juliana Carlevaris (on driving bass), Alessandro Carlevaris (on fuzz guitar), Mark Henein (on solid drums), and Dylan Gamble (on psychedelic keys).

The brooding, mind-bending psychedelic fuzz resonance enveloped us. Hot Garbage had us in hot mess at the end night, as we all chanted for one more song.. They kindly obliged giving into please to fill our momentary ultimate desire. 

Overall; We encountered many new, beautiful faces in this ever-changing Toronto scene—passionate and kind people who were there for the music. Our experience on Halloween night was a 5/5, and we'd love to go back to Houndstooth.