Barnacle Jerry Pool New release from montreal cover

NEW RELEASE                  

These guys are the golden boys of good time rock”

The best way to describe this band is surf goth designed for moshpits. You need to check out the album "Old Songs" by this talented Montreal-based band. This album completely slipped by us because it didn't even show up on our release radar despite following the band. We discovered this talented band while searching for new music and caught them playing with another one of our favorites, "Mvll Crimes".

This release came out on April 20, 2023, as part of their latest album entitled "Old Songs". This band really kicks it with a perfectly constructed and fresh sound that's much needed in the Canadian punk scene. The standout track, entitled "Survy", packs a powerful punch with its sinister baselines and bright guitar tones and delays that give it a total retro post punk surf feel. This is truly a fresh sound, containing many great elements needed to energize a mosh pit at a underground DIY event.