WHYTIDE - Circles


“  layered lo-fi dream” 

Circles is the latest release of the FLorida artist Whytide. The single opens up with a beautiful lo-fi lead synths and quickly builds to an explosion of crunchy and compressed drums, bass, and guitar. This song is layered perfectly with each instrument in its own frequency range. Every instrument is powerful, but doesn’t overpower each other. Circles has a wide dynamic that brings the listener down, and right back up - a sign of a very good song when done right, this does it. 

Guitar solos, spacey vocals with great reverb, and a constant drive are another highlight. The drums and synths are the lead instruments of this song, as they always feel like they’re on the verge of exploding and guide you throughout the four minutes and forty-nine seconds. The production, mixing, performance, and writing are top-notch and you should definitely check out Whytide.