Pink leather jackets releases rock n roll is dead toronto band

NEW RELEASE                  

These guys are the golden boys of good time rock”

When you hear the name Pink Leather Jackets you may envisioned Jem and the holograms rock style but to the music scene of Toronto it’s something else.

These guys are the golden boys of good time rock and where ever they play you know you’re going to have a good time. We were lucky enough to attend and photograph their latest release party of their latest EP “Keep that shit to yourself” at the Bovine Sex Club.

From their latest EP we are spotlighting on the standout track “Rock N’ Roll Is Dead” which is accompanied with their newest music video, which is pretty lit!    This song is absolutely catchy, and shine like a bright gem. From the harmonies of the vocals to the guitar tones tones which were electrifying, and the crashing cymbals in the chorus provide the perfect backbone for this infectious tune and bringing forth a true rock anthem, especially in a world where punk rock is buried in the underground while rap and pop stream the airwaves. 

 Despite the song's title, many us of us are working hard to keep punk rock in the fore front and the Pink Leather Jacket’s are here to prove that’s it’s far from dead with their undeniable talent in songwriting and stage presence. We are truly excited to see what the future holds for the beloved Canadian Band.