Wizaard - DVD vidéo

Video Spotlight

If you are a fan of psychedelic rock with a mix of indie and funk, you are going to love this release. "DVD vidéo" is a single released by the Montreal-based group Wizaard, written by Marie-Hélène Coutu and Jean-Nicolas Doss. This single features very clean production, with every instrument extremely clear and present in the mix. "DVD vidéo" gives us a taste of some beautiful vocal harmonies with a clean mix. The entire song has a sultry, unique, and catchy feeling that immediately drew us towards the single. It’s hard not to have this on repeat, as every time we hear it again, we find something different in the mix. We strongly recommend you give this song a listen more than once, as it’s an amazingly written song with perfect production. Stay on the lookout for future releases from Wizaard because we sure will be.

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