Bad Nerves - Antidote

"Poppy riffs with high intencity"

UK 5-piece power pop-rocknroll band Bad Nerves are back with their second album titled ‘Still Nervous’. The song we are spotlighting is the second track off the album, ‘Antidote’. The song is 1 minute and 58 seconds of the most powerful, catchy, and fun punk tracks of the year so far. ‘Antidote’ has the flavour we look for in a punk song, with the notes hitting just right. The performance in this song is amazing, as is the Bad Nerves standard. 

The drums are some of the fastest we’ve heard, the vocals and harmonies are mixed perfectly, and the guitars and bass are the icing on the cake. The song and album have a raw feeling that is sometimes missing in punk recordings; it is perfectly produced and sounds real. The entire album is sweet; it’s the perfect follow-up to their debut album. Bad Nerves are currently touring in Europe, and when they come to Toronto again, we will be there, moshing, dancing, and having a great time.

This band is for you if you are enchanted by the poppy riffs of The Ramones and the Strokes however you need some high intensity music to mosh too.