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Bad Nerves - Antidote

"Poppy riffs with high intencity"

UK 5-piece power pop-rocknroll band Bad Nerves are back with their second album titled ‘Still Nervous’. The song we are spotlighting is the second track off the album, ‘Antidote’. The song is 1 minute and…

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WINE LIPS - Derailer

An iconic opener of an album and is a song that gets straight to the point

"Wine Lips"  is a psych, garage, and punk band from Toronto, and they've most recently released their latest album titled "Super Mega…

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SEX MEX - Cold, Not Cute


Overdriven vocals, catchy and crunchy guitars & bass

"Sex Mex" is a garage pop project started in 2021 based out of San Antonio, Texas. Their latest release is the EP “Cold, Not Cute”, and the song we are…

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